Clutter Can Produce Mass Confusion

Constant clutter contributes to lost items, wasted time and thwarted efforts.

Do you ever wonder how a pile of junk can create mass confusion and lead to a world of error? Many people survive by ignoring the clutter that surrounds them. They tell themselves that they understand disorganization. Some are just guilty of greed and over indulgence of material possessions which at times contributes to junkiness. It’s my belief that clutter leads to confusion.

Maybe it’s time to rid yourself of clutter your workspace, closets and mail drawer. You will notice the difference in every area of your life once you start to organize.

Here’s how:

  1. Separate: keepsakes, junk and sentimental items that you’ve accumulated.
  2. Buy things to help you stay organized. Such as storage bins, tupperware and closet-organizers.
  3. Label: toss, donate or keep. (Place questionable keep items, into small piles.)
    • Toss it: Items that are torn or worn, papers and clothing things which you’ve collected that are openly damaged, now it only takes up space. (Those things you have no use for and haven’t used within a year.)
    • Keep: These items could consist of things you use but not often, put these things in the forefront of your closets, cabinets or work desk for easy access and frequent use.
    • Donate: Things that have been of use to you in the past but you’ve gotten full use out of. These treasures could be beneficial to someone in need. It’s time to part with such a great gift. (Books, Clothing, Computer Software, DVDs,and C.D’s).

Have you’ve ever been late for work or a meeting because you’re unable to locate keys, important paperwork and tools because it’s buried under mass confusion.

  • It’s time to evaluate time management as it relates to your everyday routine, clutter could be a factor in your repetitive actions.
    • Do you find yourself running around in circles because the things you need aren’t at your fingertips? If the answer is yes try revamping your living space. Have it to work for you.
    • Stop thinking you have it all under control. You probably don’t if you find yourself lost, confused and searching for things all the time.
  • It’s time to expose some of things that aids the clutter/ disorder.
    • How often have you thought that something was lost? You eventually found the priceless item or important papers buried under stacks of junk too late.
    • Quit making excuses and organize every area of your life. Teach yourself to be organized it can be a fun experiment.
  • Being organized will save time and money.
  • You’ll appear to be neat, clean and professional.
  • Organization skills boost self esteem, you’ll appear more confident.
  • Eventually you’ll be able to locate things faster and easier.

(Dealing with clutter takes time, you have better things to do stop wasting time.)

  • Ask yourself is it time to clean up, throw out and clear the air where you live?

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