Doing Repair in Wooden House

Doing Repair in Wooden House

There are many things you can do to improve your house. Every year you have to do minor repair in your receiving room, kitchen or bedroom. Even how new your house, maintenance is important. Every passing years your house will depreciate slowly. Some painting peeled-off, fade and dirty and some scratches are visible. Most of the portion in your house that can easily decay is the fascia board unless your house is build in all concrete. But even then there’s still portion of it that need your attention otherwise it will depreciate fast and the more you will spend for its repair.

The biggest headache in home repair is the wooden house. If one portion of the outside wall need to be replace because it started decaying, all the bridging and double walls should be remove also and to realign again. If your flooring is affected you have to replace all portion that started to decay.

If you are the one doing the repair instead of hiring a carpenter, there are simple steps you have to observe like the following:

  • Use an overall clothing to protect you from exposure of the sun especially if you are on outside repair. You must wear rubber shoes more appropriate and comfortable. Don’t use clothing that are loosely made to avoid being caught with something during the repair that lead you to have an accident.
  • It is advisable that you have to wear any kind of gloves (rubberized or cloth), protecting you from oily substances, dirt of live electrical wire while working.
  • Your tools like hammer, cutting saw or planer should be in good shape and clean so that it can give a good performance during your repair. The cutting saw must be sharp so that you will not encounter any problem in cutting lumber.
  • Observe caution when using powered tools. Your hands should be dry at all times. Accident is common by electrocution, so beware and be careful. Working in a well-ventilated place is more comfortable. In case of breakdown in your powered tools, it should be in off-position before repairing.
  • The handle of your hammer should be secured. Any loosen handle can hit your hands. Give caution in using nails. Hold it properly otherwise your nails will be caught by the hammer hitting your fingers.

    Don’t overuse your power tools. Rest for a while before starting again to avoid overheating that may damage your tools. Any lumber you use should be anchored properly especially during your planing to avoid caught by your powered tools.
  • When replacing rotten walling outside your house, use steel bench for you to reach the top. If you use wooden ladder it must be constructed by using good lumber otherwise it will crack due to your weight and you may fall.
  • When replacing inside walling, avoid being caught with any electrical connection. It is better to turn the main switch. Cutting lumber for specific purpose should be measured correctly otherwise it will be wasted if it will not fit to your connection like window jamb and door jamb.
  • Be careful in putting window glass to window frame to avoid cutting your hands. It is better if you do some sanding to its edge.
  • Seek the help of licensed electrician in removing some electrical lines caught during your repair. Don’t touch any of them. Don’t rely most of your time patching your roofing with sealant. If you think repeated use of the sealant is no longer usable, then replaced your roof at once with the new one.
  • If you finish repairing, be sure to keep all your tools in proper place especially those having sharp edge. And keep it away from children’s reach.

Repairing a house need patience. Avoid being stressed out of what you are doing. Treat repair as fun and you will realize that it is a good form of exercise.

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