Improving Small Bath And Shower For Roomier Feel

Improving Small Bath And Shower For Roomier Feel

Small baths and showers must have every element of big bathrooms yet in less space. This is the reason why planning to construct or remodel an existing bathroom can be very challenging. One has to consider the appearance, function, storage, and fixtures, together with the amount of room that one has. Not to mention, that cost of the project.

When you want to improve a small bath and shower, every inch will count. You may want to think about getting help from professional designers or from design staffs of home centers or plumbing distributors. Additionally, you can also get a copy of the “41 Guidelines to Bathroom Planning” from the National Kitchen & Bath Association, to help compare your plans to the guidelines. This will ensure that the bath and shower will look and function at its best.

Stretching Strategies

Storage stage is typically very important in smaller baths, so think about placing a small bath cabinet on top of the vanity. Place a vanity at comfortable height, and select one with bins or drawers, or put in an organizer for cleaning supplies and toiletries to units that doesn’t have these features.

Finally, pedestal sinks must be avoided in bathrooms. They may look excellent, but they’re impractical additions as they do not provide storage. They can be installed in powder rooms where space is not an issue.

Expand your ceiling

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to raise the bathroom ceiling to have a roomier feel. Painting a molding or lattice design around the ceiling’s edges can do this. You can also install a crown molding around the bath’s ceiling –just make sure to paint it in the same tone as the existing ceiling. Contrasting crown molding does the opposite effect, by breaking the vision line and creating an appearance of cramped space.

Light means space

Lighting always has a deep effect on perceiving a room. If the bath does not have a window, then the use of halogen lighting will be a good solution. It provides precise light instead of scattered light given by florescent lights. While expensive, skylight can be an excellent option for making the room look significantly bigger.

Keep it affordable

How much will home improvements for small baths and showers cost? It will depend on the structural changes and the components’ prices. Nevertheless, one can cut more than half of the cost through doing it yourself and getting the materials from home centers.

Small baths and showers do not have to mean dull and cramped. By improving how your bathroom space can appear, it will make baths and showers more inviting and warm retreats that rival the luxury of bigger bathrooms.

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