Interior Decorating Ideas And Inspirations

Interior Decorating Ideas And Inspirations

How do you choose the most appropriate interior decors for your home? Interior decorating might seem a daunting task because, after all, you would be spending money and the worst that could happen is be unhappy with the results. We want to avoid that as much as possible so here we have gathered some interior decorating ideas that aims to complement the interior design of your home.

The secret of interior decorators is to enhance not just the look but also the mood in your own home. Perhaps most of us would agree that a welcoming and homey ambience makes us feel relaxed when we retire after a busy day. There are five types of themes to select from when choosing home interior decors, namely: practical, artistic, emotional, fashionable, and historical.

The choice would, of course, depend on your preference. Regardless of what the interior decorating ideas you want to adopt in your home, what matters is how the decors are going to be instrumental in achieving the feel you desire.

Hiring an interior decorator is a sound idea but often it is costly, unless someone will offer you the services for free, which is what this article is trying to do.

Interior decorating design types

  1. Practical – the practical side to interior decorating is to “go beyond white” when dealing with the existing designs of your ceilings and dining areas. Choosing colors play a major role in changing the mood around these areas. Color treatments conjure a dramatic effect when incorporated into your interior decors.
  2. Artistic – in most cases, art is typically the final interior embellishment added to a room to complete the look. However, you can change that by using art as your inspiration. It’s a matter of coming up with fantastic color schemes to complement your existing interior design.
  3. To begin with ask yourself: “What kind of mood do I want to create for this room?” Colors play a huge part in achieving the mood of a room. Then, you go to a library or bookstore and look for images of your favorite artists and let their works inspire you.
  4. Emotional – the ancient belief that hues hold healing powers is still what many interior decorators believe until today. You can explore colors to design a place, such as a bedroom that you’ll love waking up in, or increase productivity in a home office. The idea is to unearth the power of neutral schemes and how they create a soothing, stylish atmosphere to your home’s interior.
  5. Fashionable – you don’t need to be a professional interior decorator to get a job well done. The idea is to utilize regional color palettes to build a room design around and within a focal point.
    • Some designers were kind enough to share their superb interior decorating ideas. Colors deliberately create the mood so do your research on which colors can create moods, such as upbeat, romantic, cool, etc. Do not fall for trends because your home may not be built for it. If you’re not sure about complementing colors, it is advisable to use a monochromatic color scheme.
    • Interior decorators always embellish doors, windows, trims, and ceilings with accents using colored paints. Experimenting on multiple colors would not hurt as long as they are of the same intensity and value. And maintain balance by keeping your interior design simple.
  6. Historical – restoring period furnishing, such as those belonging to Colonial, Victorian, Art Deco, and Arts and Crafts can be possible by using authentic palettes. That way, you are preserving the original beauty of a home but replenishing that old, dull look.

Let out your creative juices and allow these interior decorating ideas inspire you on your next interior decorating project. Have fun!

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