Simple And Cost-Effective Kitchen Improvements

Simple And Cost-Effective Kitchen Improvements

Kitchen renovations can be one of the most expensive projects for home improvement. However, it is possible to give that weary kitchen a revival without the need to break the bank. Whatever type of kitchen can benefit from some attention to details that aren’t somewhat right, such as awkward access, wasted space, frequently used shelf or cupboards, or worn-out countertops in an otherwise attractive kitchen.

Improving these details can become an interesting and productive project that will make the kitchen a much more delightful place to do household work or spend some time in. Who wouldn’t want to have an ideal kitchen where everything is within easy reach and access, and where there’s plenty of room to congregate yet still remains to be wonderfully cozy.

Here are some top kitchen makeovers that are affordable and simple upgrades:

Kitchen cabinets that are made from sturdy wood are most of the time worth saving. You can change the look of the cabinet by changing the hardware, painting, refacing, changing its doors, adding moldings, and upgrading its interiors.

Changing the hardware may entail replacing the cabinet’s knobs, hinges, and pulls, which costs a few dollars for every door. Ensure that the new hardware you choose will match its existing hole location. Painting the cabinet can also brighten it up, as well as cheer up the entire room. Refacing will make old cabinets look like brand new. Changing the cabinet’s doors with decorative filler panels like glass or metal, will give the cabinet a new look. Adding moldings will make it look elegant, and upgrading its interiors can improve its functionality.

Good appliances will also need rejuvenation, and one can do this by refacing and painting. Some dishwashers and refrigerators have frames in their designs to hold its face panels – this is usually a wood panel or stainless steel. Replacing these panels will cost from $100 to $800, depending on its material and size. Even appliances that don’t have frames or panel kits, can also be custom-ordered for almost any model and make in various materials.

Painting an antique or high-end appliance that has lost its sheen, the metal surface may be painted through an appliance “refinisher” or autobody shop. Porcelain stoves can also be “reporcelainized” by any bathtub or appliance refinisher.

One can also give their old floors a rebirth by resurfacing and covering. An existing wood floor can be refinished and stained in a different color. One can also add stenciled borders to it. Stone floorings may be professionally polished to return its “original” luster. Covering a flat and sound floor is also a good option. One can cover it with wood or linoleum and have it coated with flooring primer and paint. Another option would be to place sheet flooring or a layer of “stick-down” vinyl tiles.

If there’s one thing that can quickly change a kitchen’s look, it’s sprucing up the countertop. Resurfacing, adding moldings, replacing a section of the countertop, and adding a backsplash, can revive an old countertop.

Bells and Whistles
If you’re tired of bending low to a full-up cabinet where all the pots and pans are placed to fit, and it gives you a hard time when you need the one in the back, then do an easy upgrade by an affordable and convenient pot rack. Pot racks are available in various designs, and are excellent space savers when cabinet space is limited. In the same way, simple pot hangers suffice many kitchens; even if the pots and pans are in an array, hanging them always makes a charming accent that’s very functional.

There are lots of other additions that can be included in kitchen improvements, but the key is getting a better and functional kitchen for less. Like anything else, cost makes a big impact on upgrades. Nevertheless, consider the practical enjoyment of the room and be sensible to adding new features that will enhance your “kitchen life”.

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